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19 April 1868 - 27 January 1947

General Secretary Ches Perry Jim Davidson, Special Commissioner to RotarySince Paul Harris is the center of this history project, and although he often writes that credit has gone to him for work done by others (Ches Perry left, Jim Davidson right) there need be much attention to the founder of Rotary. It was his idea and genius.

Learn more about the home and the grandparents who shaped his life in Wallingford. Then go for a virtual journey and read his own original diary.  How many positions in Rotary did Paul hold, what other organizations and honors did he belong to or receive? (memberships)  Paul Harris's home townHe wrote many books during his life time.

He was, in fact, a gifted writer. You'll find his entire book "The Founder of Rotary."   Also read another out-of-print book: "This Rotarian Age," complete online. Take a look at his office as it has been reconstructed at RI Headquarters in Evanston.  After you've visited Paul's office, take a tour of the 1930 RI Headquarters.   We are starting a collection of his letters, perhaps your club has one?  When did Rotary become a "non political" organization? There's an article that sheds some light on that.

Read the actual obituary from the Chicago Tribune.  Near Chicago there is a beautiful memorial to Paul Harris. Photos of it can be seen along with narrative by our own secretary/treasurer.  Another exhibit is the voice of Paul Harris, speaking to a radio audience of "non Rotarians." Read his letter to RC of Dallas on "Secrecy in Rotary," written in 1911. Read a significant statement of "international" philosophy, written from Australia

What Paul was telling clubs in England and Europe in 1928?  Rotary's Founder visits Liverpool Manchester London Glasgow Dublin Belfast Edinburgh. The history of Paul Harris in Spanish and Turkish Do Rotarians everywhere sing? Paul makes a request for a song...  Paul's death & Last Accolades   There's also a section dedicated to his wife, Jean Thomson Harris and the "Friendship Trees" which she and Paul planted around the world. Read what Jean Harris had to say about Paul a few years after his death. Read a 1934 article The Road I Have Traveled.  

For the 30th Anniversary of Rotary, Paul Harris wrote: Rotary is 30 Years Old   Read about efforts to buy Paul and Jean's home - Comely Bank. And, by the way, did his ancestors arrive on the Mayflower?  And one intriguing question. Was there anything like this, before Rotary?

We have a collection of Paul Harris pictures at this link.

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1947 Cover of The Rotarian honors Harris

Paul Harris in Space

Paul's home in Chicago

Visit the Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation at www.comelybank.org

Articles by Paul Harris in The Rotarian

Messages and Addresses to Rotary International Conventions


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